The Walkbase solution measures customer flows over the time, to be able to separate new and returning customers and capture rate per restaurant. Ability to also measure cross-shopping between restaurants. The technology uses guests’ mobile phone’s wifi-search for anonymous recognition.

Selling point

Walkbase solution answers the following questions:

  • How to increase conversion-rate outside of peak hours as there’s accessible potential?
  • How do promos and campaign have impact on number of visitors and are they buying?
  • What’s the average dwell time in the restaurant?
  • Does opening hours match to the need?
  • Would peak-hour info sharing have positive impact in utilization rate and conversion?

Benefits for client

Being able to follow up, how many people are visit in the restaurant (no POS needed) and how many make transactions.

Benefits for guest

Better guest process by removing bottle necks.

Benefits for Fazer

Identifying bottlenecks in guest flow. Rush hour optimization. Understanding the true potential in the area. Being able to count conversion rate of passers by. Knowing the peak times (even without POS solution). Getting information about average visit times. Increasing restaurant sales by optimized offerings meeting visitor needs.

Pricing model

Installation, license, maintenance fee

Requirements for restaurant

230 V Electricity sockets. One fixed internet line / restaurant

Requirements for HQ

Floor plans for restaurant. Electricity for all needed sensors. Tested internet, connectivity via ethernet, based on Walkbase’s specifications. Named operational contact, named technical contact and full restaurant details (address, opening hours).


Piloted in Hackathon event 2016

Countries available

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland