In pilot, 83% of announced portions were sold (40 / 48 portions). Karaportti 3 sells food that was left over 20 min after lunch time, guest pack by themselves, 5,0€ / package. Restaurant Pääposti sold worth 150€ overproduced food that would otherwise have been waste. Work and packaging costs are low, however, so the sales is profitable. Common ways of working & Solutions needed & missing (on BU and BA-level). New packaging materials needed to keep food warm.

Selling point

Selling food that would otherwise go to waste.

Benefits for client

RESQ is good to be used in restaurants, where the client/customers appreciate the value and the way of working fits the restaurant.

Benefits for guest

Guests can buy cheap and healthy food via the app and pick the food up in restaurant.

Benefits for Fazer

Being a responsible company. Cost savings.

Pricing model

RESQ's commission is 15-25% depending on the number of restaurants using the solutions

Requirements for restaurant

Packaging the food.


Piloted in two Finnish restaurants and at least one Swedish restaurant in 2016 – 2017.

Countries available

Finland, Sweden