Hävikkimestari is an app developed by Lassila & Tikanoja, a waste management company. The solution has been piloted in 2 Finnish restaurants during 6 months and the results are promising (the yearly cost savings for restaurants were between 4 200€ and 20 000€) The app visualizes waste and helps find out the reasons behind waste. The employees book waste into the app and tell what is thrown away and why. According to Lean philosophy, work is developed where it is done – employees gather weekly to view results and ideate possibilities to reduce waste.

Selling point

Reducing waste.

Benefits for client

It is important for Fazer’s clients that service providers act environmentally friendly. Hävikkimestari helps Fazer be just that.

Benefits for guest

Not wasting food benefits everyone.

Benefits for Fazer

Being a responsible company. Cost savings.

Pricing model

License & maintenance fee, equipment.

Price for restaurant

Offer for implementation into 20 restaurants: 90€/month/restaurant. Also tablets needed to every restaurant to do this. Estimate of savings in waste 833€/month/restaurant

Requirements for restaurant

Teaching all employees to log waste into the app via tablet.

Requirements for HQ

Making contract with L&T, arranging a tablet computer to the restaurant.


Piloted in two Finnish restaurants in 2015 - 2016

Countries available