Restaurant Operations Production Planning and Ordering System. Suitable particularly for hospital and central kitchen. Payment method: Invoicing.

Selling points

Provides opportunity to manage patient meals. Provides opportunity to order food for a single client or distribution kitchens based on individual diets.

Benefits for client

Easy ordering and administration, reporting. Orders filled with correct reference data - correct invoices. 

Benefits for guest

Available 24/7. Easy ordering and possibility to view order history.

Benefits for Fazer

Provides opportunity to manage patient meals and central kitchen.

The same system is also suitable for other restaurants in FFFI. Maintenance of one system saves time in HQ

Pricing model:

Coming soon

Price for restaurant

Central Kitchen licence 3000 e, maintenance xxx e /year (coming soon), WEB license xxx e / year (Coming soon)

Requirements for restaurant

Computer in Fazer network.

Requirements for HQ

Fazer's keyusers need to create master data and logins to the system and support restaurants

Requirements for client

No requirements


Implemented and piloting in Finland and Norway on September 2017.

Countries available

Finland, Norway