Smartum Lounasseteli is an easy way to promote employee well-being. A lunch benefit offers employees the opportunity to have regular and healthy meals. Smartum lunch voucher is a familiar and popular way of utilising the lunch benefit.

Selling point

An excellent way to support employee's healthy and regular meals.

Benefits for client

 Promotes employees' well-being. Easy ordering and administration, no need for separate contracts with restaurants.

Benefits for guest

Easy payment method, a concrete benefit that promotes well-being.

Benefits for Fazer

Marketing channel: restaurants are promoted in Smartum search engine: brings more customers.

Pricing model

The value of the offered benefit + a processing fee.

Requirements for restaurant

Signing a contract with Smartum, sending the vouchers for settlement

Requirements for client

Employer offers the lunch benefit for employees by ordering it at smartum.fi.

Countries available

Finland, more information from restaurant support