Eazybreak is an easy-to-use mobile payment solution for employer to manage employee benefits (lunch, sports, culture and commuting) in a very cost-efficient way.

Selling point

User friendy and modern mobile payment. Fully automated processes.

Benefits for Fazer

Fast payment at cashier. Fully automated invoicing  process. Real-time reporting.

Benefits for client

Manual work to minimum. Cost savings. No need for payment method logistics. HR/Payroll integrations as option.

Benefits for guest

Eazy and fast payment. Modern. All voucher types with one service.

Pricing model

Monthly fee depending on user volume

Price for restaurant


Requirements for restaurant

Restarant has to register as Eazybreak payment point. Cashiers has to know how to check the validity of payment.

Requirements for HQ

Coordinating the co-operation. Add new restaurant to Eb service, Check reimbursments.

Requirements for client

Contract with Eazybreak. Registering and setting up the service.

Countries available