An easy way to pre-order and pay for e.g. Theatre food and drinks without having to stand in a queue during the short break during the performances. Order should be made at least 2 days in advance before the theatre performance.

Benefits for client

Efficient café & restaurant operations. A solution that makes guests happy.

Benefits for guest

No queuing, being able to enjoy the whole break with the food & drinks pre-ordered.

Benefits for Fazer

We get the money in advance and can better prepare for the sales in theatre breaks.

Pricing model

Fazer has a fixed price contract with the vendor. Cost is split between Fazer Food Services business units, according to the number of restaurants using the solutions (Wipaway, Kitchen, Time-slot ordering)

Price for restaurant

Depends on how the BU wants to address the costs for IT solutions between restaurants.

Requirements for restaurant

To maintain performances, products and prices in the system and manage orders.

Requirements for HQ

To set up the restaurant into the system.

Requirements for client

No requirements

Facts of the solution

Build on same platform as Hesehus B2C take away webshops (Kitchen, Wipaway)


In use in Finland at Lappeenranta Theatre. Coming to Faircenter as well.

Countries available

Available for all countries