Portal for catering ordering and meeting room booking. Payment method: Invoicing + other possibilities, depending on the country (e.g. credit card & MasterPass payment via DIBS in Sweden in first place).

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Selling point

Easy catering orders and meeting room booking. Automatic invoicing.

Benefits for client

Easy ordering and administration, reporting. Orders filled with correct reference data - correct invoices. 

Benefits for guest

Available 24/7. Easy ordering and possibility to view ordering history

Benefits for Fazer

Self-service ordering for clients (no manual work for restaurants). Marketing channel: add-on-sales possible, if assortment & marketing done well. Also delivery / driving lists available (Norwegian central kitchens use)

Pricing model

Fazer has fixed rate agreement with vendor. Additional support & development work can be ordered with hourly chargeable basis. Depending on the contract with client, a license fee can be charged (like in Norway)

Fazer pays a yearly fee of 292 894 NOK (approx. 31 000€) to the vendor. This is then split between the four Fazer Food Services countries, based on the number of restaurants using the solution in each country.

Price for restaurant

Depends how BU handles the split for ICT pool costs, maintenance & license fee depends on how many restaurants the BU has.

Requirements for restaurant

Creating the menus, support for clients, maintaining logins for clients, managing the orders. Follow-up that transactions and payments match.

Requirements for HQ

Fazer's superuser needs to create restaurant and logins to the system, support restaurants.

Requirements for client

Delivering Fazer information about needed logins (name & email), names of meeting rooms, if applicable.

Contact persons and support

Norway: Restaurant support

Sweden: Restaurant support

Denmark: Majbritt Fuglsang and Steen Lundblad

Finland: Restaurant support


Differenciation: Being used in Norway for several years and also in Sweden and Denmark, not yet in Finland. Development / enhancement is on-going

Countries available

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland