Old solution used in Sweden by two restaurants (Outokumpu and Sandvik is going to start). Service provided by Microdeb and payment method is Fazer card / door security card.

Selling point

Easy ordering, payment through salary, food delivered to dining location.

Benefits for Fazer

Beyond lunch sales. Add-on and cross sale.

Benefits for client

Easier daily life for employees; buying food home

Benefits for guest

Helping guest daily life, when it is possible to order food from portal and pick it from restaurant on way home

Pricing model

Fazer has fixed rate agreement with vendor. Additional work can be ordered with hourly chargeable basis.

Price for restaurant

Depends how BU handles the split for ICT pool costs, maintenance & license fee depends on how many restaurants the BU has

Requirements for restaurant

Manage Web Shop offering: products, prices, banners, marketing letters. Follow-up that transactions and payments match.

Requirements for HQ

Fazer's superuser needs to create restaurant and logins to the system, support restaurants. Create centralized offers and push them to restaurants (e.g. seasonal sales). Do centralized marketing letters. 

Requirements for client

In co-operation with restaurant organize a pick-up point for the goods


Differentiation. In use in Sweden in 3 locations.

Contact people

Mathias Åström

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