To reduce queues and waiting time during rush hour, customers place orders via an intuitive, multilingual and user-friendly touch screen interface. Once prepared, the customer picks up the order at the counter or can be served.. Interactive one or two-sided touchscreen, which can flexibly be used for different purposes: Internet, PC, POS, Pre-order & Pre-pay, Payment with credit card, MobilePay (coming), QR-codes, RFID, bluetooth, Recognition (possibility also for biometric recognition) Menus, product specifications, prices, products, Information, feedback, dialogue

Selling point

Provides great automated customer service, helps restaurants especially during rush hours.

Benefits for client

 Reduced queueing times, modern and stylish look.

Benefits for guest

Great customer service even during rush hours

Benefits for Fazer

Possibility to upselling and additional sales. Can improve customer service. Can be used also as digital signage screen.

Pricing model

License fee and equipment

Price for restaurant

Single Sided ~7500€

Double sided ~11500€

Requirements for restaurant

Power and network cabling for kiosk units. Area and space for customers.

Requirements for HQ

Creating accounts and establishing units to database.

Requirements for client

Area and space for units. Lighting and cabling designs.

Contact people

Restaurant support Finland and Restaurant IT Solutions / Shared ICT

Countries available

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland