When ordering e.g. a grill meal, the guest gets an alarm devide, which rings when the portion is ready for pick-up. Invisible queue gives customer the freedom to wait where they wish.

Selling point

Find guests faster, reduce waiting times and more relaxed customers.

Benefits for client

Efficient café & restaurant operations. Reduced queueing times and more relaxed guests.

Benefits for guest

Guest can go sit down and they are notified when their meal is ready. No standing in queue. Being able to enjoy the lunch break with colleagues.  

Benefits for Fazer

Good logistics in the restaurant. Happy guests.  

Price for restaurant

Cost of the equipment.

Requirements for restaurant

Arranging power for charging station

Requirements for HQ

Creating accounts and establishing units to database.

Requirements for client

No requirements


In use at least in Finland at Huhmare restaurant

Countries available

Available for all countries