With Taplause feedback management app, each restaurant has its own unique Taplause address, which can be shared and promoted to guests. The sharing can be done through posters, QR codes, restaurant web page, social media and email. The feedback is real-time, so whenever feedback is given, the restaurant can get a notification of it and react immediately.

Selling points

Operational excellence and continuous improvement

Benefit for Client

Being able to receive information about how satisfied guests are.

Benefit for Guest

Being able to express how they feel about Fazer's services.

Benefit for Fazer

Being able to receive information about how satisfied guests are.

Pricing model

The pricing per a restaurant is 10 € per month / restaurant.  The price includes the reporting dashboard + one email recipient for the results, use of own image on the app and the use of own landing page.

Requirements for HQ

Setting up the questions. Taplause set up includes only two questions: firstly, the quests are asked a starting question with a “yes” or “no” answer, eg. “Did you enjoy your meal today?” 

Secondly, there will be a follow up open-ended question for getting reasoning to the given feedback. The guests also have an option to leave their contact information if wanted.

Facts of the solution

The feedback is gathered to an online reporting portal where each restaurant has its own dashboard. In addition, feedback notifications can be sent to the restaurant manager if wanted. Sodexo started to use Taplause in its restaurants in January 2015. Today, Sodexo utilizes Taplause in approx. 130 different locations.
Other Taplause’s contract catering clients include Turun Arkea and Juvenes.


In use in 1 restaurant in Finland

Countries available

Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Contact People

Johanna Koskenkorva-Tapiala