Roidu is a tablet based survey solution that is widely used by Fazer Cafés. The solution can be used either for collecting continuous impulse feedback or for researching guests more thoroughly. The feedback is real-time, so whenever feedback is given, the restaurant gets it right away.

Selling points

Operational excellence and continuous improvement

Benefit for Client

Being able to receive information about how satisfied guests are.

Benefit for Guest

Being able to express how they feel about Fazer's services

Benefit for Fazer

Being able to receive information about how satisfied guests are.

Pricing model

The pricing per a restaurant is ~120 € per month / restaurant.
The service includes survey implementation, online reporting, devices, internet connection and branded stands. Quite expensive

Facts about the solution

Roidu utilizes iPads and Android tablets, and the system can be set up with asking only 1-2 questions or more, depending on the restaurant’s need. Surveys can be published and changed remotely over the internet without visiting the location. Research data is stored in cloud and can be viewed and analyzed centrally or on local level for quick reaction. 

The results is gathered to an online reporting portal where each restaurant has a real-time access to. In addition, the results can be sent to the restaurant by email if wanted.
Fazer Food Services Finland has tested Roidu in restaurants during 2015. The system worked well, the restaurants got a lot of feedback, and appreciated the system a lot.


In use in all Fazer Cafes in Finland. Tested in FFFI in 2015 in 3 sites

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Johanna Koskenkorva-Tapiala