HappyOrNot is a wireless and easy-to-use smiley terminal that collects guest feedback at the point-of-experience, ie. in the restaurant. The guests are asked a strategic survey question and they respond by pressing the smiley that best corresponds to their experience. The data is collected and transmitted via secure cellular network to a reporting service, and the results are easily accessible for use.

Selling points

Operational excellence and continuous improvement

Benefit for Client

Being able to receive information about how satisfied guests are.

Benefit for Guest

Being able to express how they feel about Fazer's services.

Benefit for Fazer

Guest feedback can be tracked through a cloud-based reporting service that collects and analyses the data. The results are displayed in a clear format, and the feedback is easily comparable to the restaurant’s operational activities in order to identify when and where improvements are needed.
In addition to the online reporting service, result summaries are sent straight to the restaurant’s and its managers’ emails. There is also a built-in custom setting for filtering out unwanted inputs and ensuring the accuracy of the reporting.

Pricing model

HappyOrNot terminals have a monthly fee which depends on the number of ordered terminals and the length of the contract. Thus the monthly fee can vary between 39 € - 79 €. The price includes full customer support, data communications, reporting and the customized question sheet. In addition, there will be a shipment fee to the restaurant location (FI14 € / terminal, other countries 25 € / terminal). The terminals are shipped to the restaurant within 1-2 weeks from order.  

Requirements for restaurant 

In order to get started, there is no need for power, cables or Internet connection. The terminals are always on, and once shipped to the location and set up, the restaurant can start to collect feedback.
The question sheet is customizable (eg. with regards to brand) and shipped together with the terminal.

Facts of the solution

HappyOrNot terminals are currently utilized by ~200 restaurant and catering operators globally, including Technopolis, Sodexo and ISS. In practice, for restaurant operators, the results have been most beneficial for offering development, menu planning and optimization. When considering the restaurant and catering sector’s results globally, the number of collected feedback today is over 30 million. When analyzing the results, it is advisable to use the HappyOrNot Performance Index which allows comparable benchmarking between different hours, days and locations. The average HappyOrNot -index for restaurant and catering sector is 75,0. However, the best restaurant and catering operators can reach an index of over 80.


In use in Finland in 50 restaurants

Countries available

Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Contact People

Johanna Koskenkorva-Tapiala