Yearly guest satisfaction survey (GXT). Online research portal with easy access for restaurants. Real-time results.GXT is a deep-dive guest satisfaction survey With GXT, each restaurant has its own unique GXT survey address, which can be shared and promoted to guests. The sharing can be done through posters, QR codes, restaurant web page, social media and email. In addition, the survey can also be conducted using paper questionnaire. In-depths survey with a number of questions. Standardized format by sectors / clients). Results are used to follow up on contract compliance and to develop concepts.

Selling points

Contract compliance and concept development. GXT includes a set of questions concerning eg. food, service, restaurant surroundings and ambiance. The questionnaires are customized according to BU/sector/client specific needs.
The feedback is real-time (when using digital feedback channels), so whenever feedback is given, the restaurants can access it immediately through an online reporting portal. The survey can be conducted as many times as needed during the year. The feedback is gathered to an online reporting portal where each restaurant has its own result dashboard. The results can be compared to the location’s previous results and benchmarked against other restaurants operating in the same sector.
The reporting portal can be developed according to BU’s needs, eg. there can be sector / client / account manager specific views

Benefit for Client

Being able to receive details about how satisfied guests are.

Benefit for Guest

Being able to express how they feel about Fazer's services.

Benefit for Fazer

Being able to receive details about how satisfied guests are.


Piloted in autumn 2016, will be taken in use for all restaurants in Finland and we will try to take into use in all countries

Countries available

Finland (+hopefylly others)