Better Now! contextual feedback solution was a proof-of-concept created during a Hackathon event organized by Fazer. Guest feedback is collected with flick-buttons, in order to collect daily feedback in right context. The measurement data can be shown to guests and the results are used to improve restaurant operations continuously.

Benefit for Guest and client

Easy feedback-giving in context. Being able to answer questions set by restaurant with flick-buttons. Digital displays can be set up to show the feedback in the restaurant and to encourage restaurant visitors to give feedback and to further enhance customer dialog. 

Requirements for HQ

Contact service provider Tieto to set up the solution in restaurant. Suvi Kaksonen (FFBA) and Eija Andström-Saarinen (FFFI) can help organize this, if a specific client is interested in a solution like this.

Requirements for restaurant

Set questions and answer to them, manage dialogue with guests

Pricing model

The Better now solution is custom software developed for the pilot. Due to this fact, there is no standard price for the solution and development, operative and maintenance costs lands solely to the users of the solution. Therefore business benefits and targets should be clearly stated and operational environment should be modified to support usage of the solution to justify investments needed.

Cost to develop production-level solution depends on

  • Requirements aligned with business targets
  • Integration needs and other technical environmental factors
  • SLAs, support and operative environment needed


Piloted in Finland 1-6/2016

Contact people

Simon Panelius

Countries available

All countries