Interesting and relevant information about restaurant offering (and other information, if wanted) on site. A modern replacement for printed media.

Selling point

Digital communication channel. Can contain only Fazer-produced content or also content selected by the client. Attracts attention, reduces printing costs.

Benefits for client

Communicating to employees. Environment friendly, increased information sharing.

Benefits for guest

Information from restaurant i.e menus, prices and offers.

Benefits for Fazer

Add-on sales based on DS marketing content, customer relationship management. Can be easily updated. Automatically change content based on time. Environment friendly.

Pricing model

License fee and equipment + installation.

Price for restaurant

Hardware and software license. 1-3 screens have a fixed price of x€.

Requirements for restaurant

Making sure content on restaurant webpages is up-to-date, possibly also managing other content via other tools. Power and network cabling or Wifi.

Requirements for HQ

Creation of the restaurant data into the solution, marketing materials, making the concept for the solution.

Requirements for client

Depending on the contract: Making sure there is necessary infrastructure in place (power, internet). Area and space for units. Lighting and cabling designs.

Technical specifications

Data from Episerver.


Finland: Development is on-going, basic functionalities ready end of February 2017, Sweden: One restaurant is using.

Countries available

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland.